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ホームULTIMIX$$ ULTIMIX 40 (UM-40) Y40

$$ ULTIMIX 40 (UM-40) Y40

販売価格: 3,000円 (税別)
(税込価格: 3,240円)
A. Promise Of A New Day / Paula Abdul (120 BPM)
B. Good Vibrations / Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch (122 BPM)
C. Makin' Happy / Crystal Waters (119 BPM)
D. Vibeology / Paula Abdul (118 BPM)
E1. Do Anything / Natural Selection (102 BPM)
E2. More, More, More / Love To Love You Baby / Samantha Fox (108 BPM)
F. Relight My Fire / Dan Hartman (122 BPM)
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