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ホーム限定EURO+TECHNO$ SUPER EUROBEAT presents 12COLLECTION VOL.4 (SEB 4枚組) VEJT-89240〜89243 Y30

$ SUPER EUROBEAT presents 12COLLECTION VOL.4 (SEB 4枚組) VEJT-89240〜89243 Y30

販売価格: 9,800円 (税別)
(税込価格: 10,584円)
A1/Franz Tornado & The Yamanba-Gals"Ganguro(B4 Za Beat Mix)"
A2/Pizza Girl(Crazy For You(Mega-Mix Edit)"
A3/Scream Team"Horror Fantasy(Y & Co. Mix)"
B1/Powerful T."Original Sin(Extended Mix)"
B2/Cherry"Euroheat(Extended Mix)"
B3/Mike J"Touch And Go(Extended Mix)"
A1/Tri-Star"Ike Ike(New Generation Edit)"
A2/Franz Tornado & Bazooka Girl"Caballero With Sombrero(B4 Za Beat Mix)"
A3/Kiki & Kika"Easy Busy(Rising High Mix)"
B1/Kiki & Fancy"Big In The Night(Extended Mix)"
B2/J. Storm"Shout(Extended Mix)"
B3/Mellisa White"My Wish(Extended Mix)"
A1/Mega NRG Man"Burning Desire(New Generation Mix)"
A2/Virginelle"Like A Virgin(Mega-Mix Edit)"
A3/Domino"Play With The Numbers(Rising High Mix)"
B1/Go Go Girls"I Wanna Be Fat(Extended Mix)"
B2/Nick Mansel"Feel The Power(Extended Mix)"
B3/Irena"Dancin' Baby(Extended Mix)"
A1/Cherry"Yesterday(Y & Co. Mix)"
A2/Lolita"Romeo & Juliet(Extended Mix)"
A3/Matt Land"Fever The Night(Y & Co. Mix)"
B1/Lolita"Wanna Be Your Emotion(DJ Gun Edit)"
B2/Franz Tornado"One Night With Bazooka Bel(Extended Mix)"
B3/Stephy Martini"Emotions(Extended Mix)"
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